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Charasi Darjee

fashion inspired by the ideas of stoners

Just a little while back, Charasi Darjee was a nameless thought and today... TODAY, it represents FASHION— FASHION that transcends every beauty measure and societal stigmas. We offer you BOLD femininity, GENTLE masculinity, and rule-breaking aesthetics. Blending unconventional VOGUE, boho tailoring, rare fabric, and antique deigns that you probably wouldn't find anywhere else. Bold of us to say? 

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It truly was a funny, random thought. Mere bunch of teen-adults thinking of starting our own FASHION business— it did sound bizarre. Could we really? But, then we thought— what's there to lose? More to more, we'll fail, but at least we'll try. So, that's what we did and here we are— with our unconventional and lingual fashion. Charasi Darjee was initially called ka-ka. Don't ask why! 


Charasi darjee 

A little daring of us to come up with a NAME like that—staking it all. To the audience, it might seem scary, even offensive, a little. To us, it simply connected. 

charasi— someone who smokes marijuana

Darjee— someone who stitches. 

So, we stitched and smoked. Smoked and stitched. It's as simple as breathing. Fashion and charas connected us. The name, charasi darjee, is our small, silent protest for weed and unconventional fashion, call it a little hatke than the crowd. 

Charasi darjee Fashion— speaking thousand emotions through clothes, BOLD makeup, and rarity. 

With Charasi Darjee, experience TRUE euphoria, extraordinary VOGUE, and rare concepts. 

all here, with our small family.

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